Beginners web Developer Journey

Beginners web Developer Journey

My journey into tech👨‍💻

When I first heard of coding I never thought or even able to understand how people are able to understand those things they write on computer🤷👨‍💻.

 Until I saw the results of what that person was able to do and boom 💥 mind got exploded🤯, I ask HOW?.

Then he explained to me a lot and I told myself am going into coding but I was lost so I consulted "Google" and it took me to a bunch of tutorials on "YouTube" some must identify that you start with python while some said it depends on what you are working on and as a Newbie I still don't get it, so I ask my cousin because he did computer science like I planned on doing so he told "why not HTML then CSS before JavaScript(knowing how the webs work)".

Then I went back to Google search for "beginners tutorials on HTML" so I saw many like; "", " e.t.c" which I'll recommend... Then to YouTube also

That when I printed my first hello world on the web with the

tag so I learnt more on the syntax on each tags and how they work then move to CSS understand also the syntax of the property and value for each CSS rule, like the; color, background-color, display, border e.t.c.

Then when it comes to JavaScript it's was the toughest for me like I couldn't even understand anything at first then I went slowly, from declaring a variable to assign to understand the syntax for both the operator and each method and property with the function and object method.

Am still a Newbie in this so don't think that I have gone anywhere because I haven't, I don't even have a portfolio yet, am still working on it, I think going with a simple one no much animation or transition effect in it.

So that it hope you enjoyed this, nothing much but just with love❤️🤗😊

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